Packaging equipment and packaging supplies are essential to most shipping departments. Here you can choose from a wide variety of packaging equipment including strapping sealers, tensioners and other strapping equipment. SJF also sells steel strapping, poly strapping and strapping seals in bulk. If you don't see the strapping or packaging equipment you need, please call us at 1.800.598.5532 and we'll try to locate it. You can also browse SJF's selection of used packaging equipment available for sale

  • Steel Strapping Seals

    Steel Strapping Seals

    Open steel strapping seals are placed overlapping strapping ends either during or after tensioning the strapping. Eliminates pre-threading and speeds the strapping operation. Push seals are used where strap is tensioned by butting the nose of the...
    $38.46 - $185.00
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  • Polypropylene Strapping Polypropylene Strapping Close Up

    Polypropylene Strapping

    Polypropylene strapping is the most economical type of plastic strapping and works well for many applications. It does not require the use of scored seals and can be heat sealed. Polypropylene will secure a maximum pallet weight of up to 2,000 lbs. and...
    $138.46 - $149.23
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  • Manual Sealless Combo Tool Manual Sealless Combo Tool

    Manual Sealless Combo Tool

    This seal-less combination tool (cutting/sealing in one stroke) will eliminate the need for metal seals. This combo tool is easier to use than most in tight spaces and awkward positions and handles strapping in sizes of 1/2" - 3/4". These tools are...
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  • Economy Steel Sealer Closed Economy Steel Sealer

    Economy Steel Sealer

    This economy model steel strapping sealer works great for most packaging applications. It features front action operation for use with .023" and under gauge strapping. Comes in 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" sizes. This sealer will create a double-notch seal to...
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  • Industrial Poly Strapping Sealer

    Industrial Poly Strapping Sealer

    This industrial poly strapping sealer crimps seals in place to prevent strapping from slipping and loosening during shipment. This model is intended for heavier duty polyester strapping and features offset jaws for better sealing of serrated seals. Comes...
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  • WrapMaster Maple Top WrapMaster Laminate Top


    The WrapMaster packaging workbench features a side mount roll holder, which is a great place to store a roll of packing material needed for many shipping applications. This workstation includes the side mount roll holder along with a 4-way adjustable...
    $1,789.28 - $1,979.42
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  • Peggy Maple Top Peggy Laminate Top


    The Peggy packaging workbench is geared towards applications needing an overhead lockable cabinet and quick access to commonly used tools or supplies. Included is the half width melamine pegboard, rear backplate with 4-outlet strip, fluorescent light...
    $1,927.71 - $2,019.43
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  • Mr. Fix-it Maple Top Mr. Fix-it Laminate Top

    Mr. Fix-it

    The Mr. Fix-it deluxe packaging workbench includes a 12" height adjustable lift system which makes this table ideal for any multi-user applications. Also included is an overhead structure with fluorescent light fixture, articulating monitor arm with...
    $3,185.32 - $3,277.05
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  • Holy Roller Maple Top Holy Roller Laminate Top

    Holy Roller

    The Holy Roller double deck packaging workbench keeps the large rolls of packaging material up and out of the way of the workspace. Along with this feature the unit includes the standard workbench frame with full bottom shelf and hoop dividers. The...
    $1,771.32 - $1,863.05
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  • Highrise Maple Top Highrise Laminate Top


    The Highrise packaging workbench is an economical packing/shipping workbench will help organize items necessary for most applications. The accessories offered cover most of the basic needs and other accessories can also added in the future as the...
    $1,579.58 - $1,677.86
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  • General Maple Top General Laminate Top


    The General general purpose packaging workbench covers all the bases for most shipping and packing applications. The overhead structure has a fixed top shelf for carton storage and 2 full depth bottom shelves. This gives you ample storage for all items...
    $1,850.37 - $1,961.71
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  • Executive Maple Top Executive Laminate Top


    The Executive packaging workbench includes many popular accessories which will better the packaging efficiency of any operation. The tiltable 12" deep cantilevered shelf allows maximum flexibility, while the 24" deep full depth bottom shelf is the...
    $2,345.91 - $2,463.78
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  • Easy Street Laminate Top Easy Street Laminate Top

    Easy Street

    The Easy Street packaging workbench addresses the needs for most shipping applications right out of the box. Further, this bench can be outfitted with any workbench accessories as the need arises. With the full depth bottom shelf for carton storage and...
    $1,713.62 - $1,805.34
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  • Boxcar Laminate Top Boxcar Laminate Top


    The Boxcar packaging workbench is the ideal choice when needing a workstation for any shipping or receiving department. This unit includes the overhead sorter unit which allows papers and essential items to be organized with the 2 adjustable shelves in...
    $1,698.83 - $1,810.17
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  • Big Wheel Maple Top Big Wheel Laminate Top

    Big Wheel

    The Big Wheel packaging workbench includes a full width roll holder underneath the work surface - a great place to store a roll of bubble wrap or brown paper necessary for the packing processes. The work bench also includes plenty of storage space with a...
    $1,272.28 - $1,382.40
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  • Poly Strapping Seals

    Poly Strapping Seals

    Open polypropylene/polyester seals are placed over the overlapping strapping ends either during or after tensioning the strapping. This eliminates pre-threading, and speeds the strapping operation. Polyester strapping always needs serrated or scored...
    $54.62 - $189.23
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  • Economy Steel Tensioner Economy Steel Tensioner Close Up Front View

    Economy Steel Tensioner

    This general purpose economy model steel strapping tensioner is great for most small business applications. The rotary or "feed wheel" style mechanism in this tensioner takes up an unlimited amount of strapping continuously. The strapping need not be cut...
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  • Strapping Dispenser Cart Front View Strapping Dispenser Cart Side View

    Strapping Dispenser Cart

    This vertical strapping dispenser cart can be used on 16" x 3" steel strapping or plastic strapping (mill wound coils or can be used on 16" x 6" plastic strapping coils). The heavy-duty dispenser has a 5/8" axle, heavy duty 10" x 2.5" wheels, a handy...
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  • Hand Held Stretch Wrap Film

    Hand Held Stretch Wrap Film

    This hand-held stretch wrap film comes in 3", 5", or 15" widths. It is sold in carton quantities. Choose your size and quantity: 3"W x 1,000'L, 90 gauge - Quantity of 18 5"W x 1,000'L, 90 gauge - Quantity of 12 18"W x 1,500'L, 80 gauge - Quantity...
    $91.38 - $155.53
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