Packaging - Misc.

These packaging accessories can save time and effort on product packaging. In addition, these products can also save you money on damaged freight.

  • Thin Spin Pallet Carousel Thin Spin Pallet Carousel Diagram

    Thin Spin Pallet Carousels

    When confronted with minimum floor space and only a hand pallet truck, the Thin Spin low profile pallet carousel is ideal for loading and unloading pallet applications. The Thin Spin is pallet truck loadable because of its sleek 7/8" overall height. The...
    $1,229.33 - $1,449.33
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  • Plastic Edge Protector Plastic Edge Protector

    Plastic Edge Protectors

    Stabilize loads during shipping and prevent damage caused by strap cutting with these Edge Protectors. Available in nylon or plastic. These units work well with both steel or plastic strapping as well as cargo straps.
    $68.77 - $117.77
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  • Strapping Dispenser Cart Front View Strapping Dispenser Cart Side View

    Strapping Dispenser Cart

    This vertical strapping dispenser cart can be used on 16" x 3" steel strapping or plastic strapping (mill wound coils or can be used on 16" x 6" plastic strapping coils). The heavy-duty dispenser has a 5/8" axle, heavy duty 10" x 2.5" wheels, a handy...
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  • Electric Shrink Wrap Heat Guns Electric Shrink Wrap Heat Gun

    Electric Shrink Wrap Heat Guns

    Use this electric shrink wrap heat gun for all of your shrink wrapping requirements. The electric shrink wrap heat gun is lightweight, easy to use and great for packaging small items. Ideal for use in shipping areas, parts departments, and printing...

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