Panel/Lumber Carts

Sheets of wood, metal, paneling or other large flat stock is easy to transport with this selection of panel/lumber carts.

  • Vestil's heavy duty nestable panel cart - PRCT-N Nestable Panel Carts

    Nestable Panel Carts

    Transport sheets of paneling, doors, plywood and lumber with this heavy duty nestable panel cart. When not in use, the unique nestable design of this panel cart saves space when storing by allowing the carts to "nest" together. Each additional cart...
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  • A-Frame Carts A-Frame Carts

    A-Frame Carts

    A-frame carts are ideal for moving large bulky sheets of material such as drywall, plywood, paneling, glass panels or sheets of metal. A convenient parts tray is included between A-frame uprights. A foot-operated caster lock is used for securing unit...
    $589.24 - $724.36
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  • Heavy duty lumber and panel cart with basket Transport lumber with ease with this PRCT panel cart

    Panel and Lumber Carts

    This lumber and panel cart is perfect for handling items such as sheets of paneling, plywood, doors and lumber. A convenient, removable plastic basket is included for carrying smaller items and tools. Rollers are provided on one end for easy loading and...
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