Cantilever Rack Accessories

Accessories for structural cantilever

  • Cantilever end stop socket Cantilever end stop socket with assembled pipe stop

    Cantilever End Stop Socket

    A cantilever end stop socket is designed to work together with an end stop pipe (sold separately) to keep items from falling off the cantilever arms. These end stop sockets securely fasten to the ends of each cantilever arm. An end stop pipe is inserted...
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  • Cantilever racking end stop pipe with chain Cantilever rack end stop pipe

    Cantilever Rack End Stop Pipe with Chain

    Cantilever racking end stops are an optional security attachment that offers additional protection against materials falling or rolling off the end of the cantilever rack.  This product, the cantilever rack end stop pipe, connects securely to a...
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  • Cantilever Anchors Cantilever Anchors

    Cantilever Anchors

    This Code Compliant Wedge Anchor Bolt is used to securely attach cantilever racking to the ground. These bolts are designed to resist forces that are applied horizontally, which are typical in cantilevered applications. The anchor bolt itself is embedded...

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