Heating & Cooling

Loading docks are exposed to temperature extremes on a daily basis. Make your dock area more comfortable for your dock crew with these portable fans and heaters.

  • Cool-Space 350 Cool-Space 350

    Cool-Space 350

    Heat can cripple your facility’s production and put your people at risk. For a rapid, effective response, rely on Cool-Space evaporative coolers. Combining powerful, quiet direct-drive fan technology with a water supply and saturated cooling...
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  • Sidekick Barrel fan Sidekick Barrel fan

    Sidekick Barrel Fan

    Sidekick is the trusted and versatile solution for industry-leading airflow on the go. Durably engineered with an impact-resistant frame and a gearless direct-drive motor for quiet, powerful performance, it redefines what barrel...
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  • Cool-Space 500 Cool-Space 500

    Cool-Space 500

    When you need maximum cooling coverage, trust the powerful performance of Cool-Space 500. Durably engineered with a portable design, quiet and efficient motor, and advanced controls for convenient, hands-free use, Cool-Space 500 delivers...
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  • Cool-Space 400 Cool-Space 400

    Cool-Space 400

    When your people are on the job, workplace heat can’t go ignored. Cool-Space 400 delivers the cooling they need to work safely and efficiently, with options to best fit your facility. Larger media and variable-speed control allow you...
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  • Cool-Space 300 Cool-Space 300

    Cool-Space 300

    Take the fight to workplace heat with Cool-Space 300. Engineered with larger cooling media, fan diameter, and reservoir size than our base models, it delivers comfort to workers and guests over a wide area. Thanks to its variable-speed...
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  • Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

    Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

    Provide instant, odor-free heat for indoor and semi-protected outdoor workstations and warehouse areas with these economical portable electric infrared heaters. These units only warm persons and objects, not the air volume. All models have gold anodized...
    $1,935.61 - $2,683.31
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  • Portable Blower Fan Portable Blower Fan

    Portable Blower Fans

    These portable blower fans can really move some air! Best used where you need some serious wind power, these fans are great for cooling or ventilating a large area quickly and safely. Each blower fan features a two-speed, 115 volt/1 phase ball bearing...
    $598.23 - $931.96
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  • Industrial fans for sale, model ICRF-24-PO Industrial fans for sale, model ICRF-30-P

    Industrial Fans

    Heavy-duty industrial circulating fans are a great addition to any warehouse where hot weather is a factor. These two speed fans are totally enclosed and permanently lubricated providing years of worry free use. These models feature a 12' long cord and...
    $383.27 - $958.00
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