Specialty Pallet Jacks

SJF carries several specialty pallet jacks. These jacks run the gamut from sideways motion or all-terrain models to stainless models and pallet trucks with a scale. Whatever your need, you're bound to find something here that can benefit your application.

  • This Vestil gas-powered all-terrain pallet jack has a capacity of 4,000 lb. This Vestil gas-powered all-terrain pallet jack has a capacity of 2,000 lb.

    Gas Powered All Terrain Pallet Jacks

    This strong gas powered all terrain pallet jack is designed to travel over rough ground where no ordinary pallet truck can go, yet operates like a standard pallet truck. This pallet truck features large wheels to reduce your moving effort. The all...

    $9,337.86 - $10,186.29
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  • The PM-2748 pallet truck with scale and printer Vestil's pallet truck with scale and printer

    Pallet Jacks with Digital Scales

    This pallet jack with digital scale allows you to weigh your load on the spot for maximum efficiency. The frame uses heavy-duty steel construction for maximum strength and durability. This model is very user friendly and is suitable for low height...

    $2,165.43 - $2,863.17
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  • Stainless Steel Pallet Jack Stainless Steel Pallet Jack

    Sanitary Environment Pallet Jacks

    These sanitary environment pallet jacks are the go-to product for situations that require easy sanitation. Stainless steel and stainless steel frame and fork pallet jacks are ideal for sanitary, pharmaceutical, medical, food, corrosive, and wet...

    $614.98 - $1,703.03
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  • Vestil's wheel nose pallet jack front view Side view of this wheel nose pallet jack

    Wheel Nose Pallet Jacks

    This wheel nose pallet jack is designed to position pallets or skids closely in a row. The fork end is set back from the front rollers allowing for one pallet pick up at a time. The unit has a rubber grip handle with a three layer position for easy...

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  • Full featured pallet jack has a capacity of 10,000 lb. Pallet jack has additional tow loops for simple towing of the truck.

    10,000 lb. Capacity Pallet Jack

    This full-featured pallet truck has a huge 10,000 lb. capacity! It includes two articulating steering wheels and two front load rollers. Nose wheels are located on the front edge of each fork to assist in clean pallet entrance and exit. Reinforced...

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  • Sidewinder Pallet Jack Sidewinder Pallet Jack car With Load

    Sidewinder (Sideways Moving) Pallet Jack

    Transport long loads down narrow aisles with this heavy duty Sidewinder Pallet Jack. This versatile pallet truck retains all the quality workmanship of a standard pallet jack in addition to providing lateral movement. Simply place the forks into the...

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  • Manual All Terrain Pallet Jack Manual All Terrain Pallet Jack With Load Back View

    Manual All Terrain Pallet Jacks

    This lightweight yet strong tubular-framed manual All Terrain Pallet Jack handles evenly distributed loads. Large wheels allow for movement over most surfaces. Use at construction sites, gravel pits, and nurseries. This pallet truck features large...

    $1,426.80 - $1,677.89
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