Steel Stacks

These modular, stackable welded steel storage racks are a flexible and low cost storage system that fits just about any space. Our steel stacks are the answer to changing storage needs. Their welded steel construction is strong yet light weight. Additions are inexpensive and easy to add.

Steel stacks are completely assembled and ready for instant use. They are ideal for storing bar stock, pipe, tubing, molding, specialty lumber and parts and are great for storing those small heavy items that do not store well on standard shelving. Steel stacks are low cost, offer maximum flexibility and require minimum space. They come in orange with an enamel finish. Weight capacities vary from 2,500 lb. to 7,500 lb.

  • 2-way shelves divide full capacity into 2 sections.
  • 4-way shelves divide full capacity into 4 sections.

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