Drum Storage Rack

Face it - 55 gallon industrial drums are bulky, heavy and take up a lot of space that you could use for other more important operations. These drum storage options allow you to free up that space and keep your drums stored safely and securely.

  • Drum Pallet Rack

    Drum Pallet Racking

    Satisfy your high capacity drum storage requirements with the drum pallet rack. Designed to store 30 and 55 gallon drums, these racks hold either 12 or 16 drums, depending upon model. Each level has a capacity of 4,825 lb. Drum pallet racks are easy to...
    $1,176.92 - $1,770.23
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  • Drum Storage Racks

    Drum Storage Racks

    Drum Storage Racks are constructed of heavy duty steel angle and engineered for orderly handling and selective storage and removal of 30 and 55 gallon drums. Assembly is easy, simply bolt four vertical legs to individual levels, attach x-bracing to ends...
    $477.09 - $872.83
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  • Drum Storage Stand Drum Storage Stands

    Drum Storage Stands

    Drum stands provides economical and convenient portability. These stands offer a uniquely designed understructure that allows for transporting of drums with either a pallet truck or forklift. The drum stand also allows for single drum stacking for...
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  • Flammable drum storage with manual door Flammable drum storage with safety door

    Flammable Industrial Drum Storage Cabinets

    These vertical industrial drum storage cabinets are a safe, convenient and centralized storage for flammables. Vertical cabinets have ball bearing rollers for easy placing and removal of 55 gallon drums. From one to twelve 5-gallon safety cans can...
    $2,853.24 - $3,533.69
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  • Cradles for Drum Pallet Rack

    Drum Pallet Rack Cradles

    Extra drum cradles for drum pallet racking can be added to an existing drum pallet rack as needed for extra drum storage. These additional cradles are 12"W 36"D and have a capacity of 800 lb. *ONLY COMPATABLE WITH MECO PALLET RACKING*
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