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Our Illinois-shipped pallet racking accessories, including safety clips, column protectors, wire decking, and pallet supports, enhance your storage system's efficiency and safety. Designed for seamless integration, they offer stability, protection, and optimized space utilization. Elevate your warehouse with our high-quality, versatile accessories for improved operation and organization.

  • Standard wire decking for pallet racks Wire deck for pallet racking

    Mecalux Wire Deck - Ship from Illinois

    The Wire Deck PWMD is a versatile and durable wire deck designed for use in various storage applications. With its high-quality construction, this wire deck provides reliable support for palletized goods, ensuring stability and efficient organization...
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  • Mecalux galvanized row spacers Mecalux galvanized row spacers

    Row Spacers - Galvanized - Ship from Illinois

    Row spacers for pallet racking connect and evenly space pallet rack bays together to provide stability and keep racks at a consistent distance from each other. They work well with back-to-back rack configurations and long rows of racking. The spacers are...
    $9.03 - $10.91
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  • Painted row spacer installed on pallet racking Row Spacers - Painted

    Row Spacers - Painted - Ship from Illinois

    Utilize this pallet rack row spacer to link the welded upright columns of back-to-back pallet rack units, enhancing the robustness and strength of your industrial organization system. Constructed from durable 13-gauge steel, this spacer is securely...
    $13.12 - $16.95
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  • Wall Tie - Galvanized Wall Tie - Galvanized

    Wall Tie Adapters - Galvanized - Ship from Illinois

    This "L" shaped Wall Tie adapter allows the rack to be attached to a wall of a warehouse or storage facility. This type of wall tie adapter should be used with bolted frames. It is made with 13 gauge (3/32" or 0.09") steel. To tie the rack to the wall, a...
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  • Wall Tie Orange Wall Tie Orange

    Wall Ties - Orange - Ship from Illinois

    The Wall Tie is a high-quality construction fastening component designed to enhance the stability and durability of masonry structures. Crafted from durable materials, this wall tie ensures a secure connection between inner and outer walls, preventing...
    $6.32 - $8.58
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  • Double Flanged Pallet Support

    Double Flanged Pallet Support - Ship from Illinois

    Double flanged pallet supports are engineered to provide support for pallets stored on pallet rack beams. They neatly fit into the standard 1-5/8” step of pallet rack beams, with tabs at the ends of the pallet support flanging over the front and...
    $11.18 - $14.46
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  • Column Protector IK IA571L

    Column Protector IK IA571L - Ship from Illinois

    The Interlake Bolt-on post protectors serve as fork deflectors, prioritizing safety as their primary benefit. These protectors play a crucial role in preventing forklift-induced damage to your pallet rack, subsequently reducing the risk of a hazardous...
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  • Column Protector U S-80 Column Protector U S-80

    Column Protector U S-80 - Ship from Illinois

    Mecalux floor-mounted column protectors offer safeguarding for the lower section of upright posts, enhancing the protection of your pallet racking. These post protectors stand at a height of 16 inches and feature a safety yellow paint finish. Anchored...
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  • Touch-up Spray Paint

    Touch-up Spray Paint - Ship from Illinois

    Maintain the appearance of your pallet rack by using a 16-ounce pressurized spray can of touch-up paint. It offers a quick and easy solution for addressing scratches and keeping your rack looking fresh. While our products feature a durable powder coat...
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  • Shims IHASB Shims IHASB

    Shims IHASB - Ship from Illinois

    Shims are metallic plates designed with dimensions matching those of foot plates. They serve to even out racks positioned on uneven surfaces. Specific shims are available for each type of foot plate, with the IHASB shim being an 11-gauge (0.120”)...
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  • Mecalux Shim U 3P

    Mecalux Shims U 3P - Ship from Illinois

    Shims are metal plates with the same dimensions as foot plates. They help to level out racks that are placed on irregular surfaces. There are different shims for each type of foot plate. 11 gauge thick steel is available to enable accurate leveling. Shim...
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  • Anchor Bolt Anchor Bolt

    Anchor Bolts - Ship from Illinois

    ½" x 4-1/4" Wedge Anchor Bolts are specifically engineered to anchor the feet of pallet rack upright frames securely to the concrete floor. The process involves pre-drilling a hole and inserting the 1/2" x 4-1/4" steel wedge anchor bolts through...
    $2.62 - $6.77
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