Skatewheel Gravity Conveyors

Skatewheel gravity conveyor uses no external power source to transport products from location to location. Whether you need a heavier duty roller conveyor or lighter duty skatewheel solution - SJF has several options available for immediate purchase online.

Upon check out, please note your over all width.

  • Skatewheel Gravity Curve - Light Duty Skatewheel Gravity Curve - Light Duty

    Skatewheel Gravity Curves - Light Duty

    Choose from a nice selection of light duty gravity skatewheel conveyor curves with steel frame width options. All skatewheel curves come with 1.9" rollers. 45º or 90º curves are available online.  Features include: 1.9" diameter...
    $214.02 - $654.97
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  • Skatewheel gravity conveyor close up Skatewheel gravity conveyor close up

    Skatewheel Gravity Conveyor - Light Duty

    Light duty gravity skatewheel roller conveyor with steel or aluminum frames come in standard 5' or 10' long sections. Select from a wide assortment of different widths. Ideal for transporting lightweight packaging. This type of conveyor can be used for a...
    $182.71 - $637.91
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  • NestaFlex® 226 flexible skatewheel gravity conveyor

    NestaFlex® 226 Flexible Skatewheel Gravity Conveyor

    NestaFlex® 226 flexible gravity conveyors work well for loading and unloading trucks or trailers. Simply expand the conveyor into the truck and contract it when done.  Designed to expand, contract, and move easily, this flexible conveyor is a...
    $729.14 - $39,796.62
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