Bramidan Balers

Bramidan has been manufacturing and distributing waste handling equipment (including balers) since 1975. With a wide industry range, Bramidan offers not only a focused product line, but also the top safety record in the industry.

  • B6030 Full Size Baler

    B6030 Full Size Baler

    The B6030 is a full-sized flexible baling press and can be used for waste handling in large retail shops or any other industrial complex where there is a need to create full-sized bales of just about any material. The wide filling opening makes it...

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  • Ejecting the Bale Filling baler with cardboard

    Model B4 (small footprint)

    This unit is a compact baler with a small base area and low height - and a powerful press force. This compact machine creates bales of 30"W x 20"D x 24"H. Users safely eject finished bales using the two-hand ejection system. How does the baler work? ...

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  • B5W Wide Opening Small Footprint Baler Loading, Opening and Removing the Bale

    Model B5W (small, wide)

    This unit has been designed for users with smaller amounts of waste, but who still need a baler that can handle bulky materials. The B5W(ide) has a very wide opening (approx 39") which is advantageous when handling larger cardboard boxes. The entire...

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  • X10 Low Profile Baler Loading, Opening and Removing the Bale

    Model X10 (low profile)

    The X10 is great for small retail shops, industrial outfits or others, who require a compact baler with high capacity. Its compact design makes it perfect for areas where overhead space is limited. The X10 is equipped with cross cylinders, so you...

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  • Baler strapping mounted on machine Baler strapping

    Baler Strapping

    Keep your bales tight! Don't let your baled cardboard, textiles or plastic bales come undone. These bale strapping spools are specifically designed to work with Bramidan balers ordered through SJF Material Handling.This strapping is sold by the...

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