Poly Strapping Tools

Polyester and ploypropylene strapping is a very popular packaging option. These poly strapping tools can be found in manufacturing facilities accross the USA and are a favorite among our return customers. Choose from several models for every budget.

  • Industrial Poly Strapping Sealer

    Industrial Poly Strapping Sealer

    This industrial poly strapping sealer crimps seals in place to prevent strapping from slipping and loosening during shipment. This model is intended for heavier duty polyester strapping and features offset jaws for better sealing of serrated seals. Comes...
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  • Poly Strapping Seals

    Poly Strapping Seals

    Open polypropylene/polyester seals are placed over the overlapping strapping ends either during or after tensioning the strapping. This eliminates pre-threading, and speeds the strapping operation. Polyester strapping always needs serrated or scored...
    $54.62 - $189.23
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  • Semi-Auto Strapping Machine Semi-Auto Strapping Machine Controls

    Semi-Auto Strapping Machine

    This semi-automatic strapping machine is great for applications where you have several small boxes to package. The cycle begins (and ends) almost immediately after a strap is inserted into the band guide. This machine is faster than any we have offered...
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  • Industrial Poly Tensioner Industrial Poly Tensioner Side View

    Industrial Poly Tensioner

    This general purpose industrial poly strapping tensioner is great for most business applications. It differs from the economy tensioner in that it has a newly re-designed steel gear system and revised longer life release lever spring. This system was...
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  • Economy Poly Tensioner Economy Poly Tensioner Side View

    Economy Poly Tensioner

    This general purpose poly strapping tensioner is great for most small business applications. It is designed to handle polypropylene and polyester straps only. Smooth ball bearing operation insures easy tensioning. This tool is blue colored with a black...
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  • Strapping Dispenser Cart Front View Strapping Dispenser Cart Side View

    Strapping Dispenser Cart

    This vertical strapping dispenser cart can be used on 16" x 3" steel strapping or plastic strapping (mill wound coils or can be used on 16" x 6" plastic strapping coils). The heavy-duty dispenser has a 5/8" axle, heavy duty 10" x 2.5" wheels, a handy...
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