Pallet Racking

Closeup Photo of Teardrop Pallet Racking

Why Buy New Teardrop Pallet Racking From SJF?

SJF's teardrop pallet racking systems use a standard teardrop style connection, which is a popular storage design for both homes and warehouses. Installation is quick and easy - the beams easily slide and lock into the uprights with a standard teardrop design, which securely connects the heavy duty pallet rack beams and upright columns together. There are no bolts to contend with. Many industrial rack manufacturers utilize this popular teardrop warehouse storage design, allowing for flexibility in mixing and matching SJF pallet racks with other manufacturer's brand parts.

SJF offers individual heavy duty beams and upright frames as well as complete warehouse pallet rack kits in several styles to fit the need for storage racks in your space. Our kits contain everything needed to create a fully functioning free standing pallet rack bay or add on bay, with or without the wire decking option.