Drum Rotators

Rotating drums for any reason can be a hazardous task. Make it less dangerous and more OSHA compliant with these drum rotators.

  • Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporter Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporter Front View

    Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporters

    Lift, rotate, and transport 55 gallon steel drums with these portable drum lifter/rotator/transporters. Ideal for use in warehouse environments when moving drums to and from racks. Drums can be locked in a vertical position to avoid spills or a...
    $2,678.16 - $6,185.24
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  • Hydraulic Drum Carrier/Rotator/Booms In Action Hydraulic Drum Carrier/Rotator/Booms Front View

    Hydraulic Drum Carrier/Rotator/Booms

    Portable multi function Hydraulic Drum Carrier/Rotator/Booms can be used for a variety of factory or warehouse drum handling operations including lifting, transporting and dumping. A drum is secured into the cradle assembly and once the unit is secured...
    $3,312.04 - $3,446.11
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  • Hoist Mounted Drum Carriers/Rotator Hoist Mounted Drum Carriers/Rotator In Action

    Hoist Mounted Drum Carriers/Rotators

    Rotate and position a fully loaded 55 gallon steel drum with ease with these hoist mounted drum carrier/rotator. For use with an overhead hoist or fork truck. Features a chain crank that allows the operator to rotate 360 degrees drums that are out of...
    $1,089.80 - $1,211.17
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  • Fork Mounted Drum Carriers/Rotator Fork Mounted Drum Carriers/Rotator

    Fork Mounted Drum Carriers/Rotators

    Easily transport and rotate 55-gallon steel drums with this fork mounted drum carrier/dumper/rotator and utilize your fork truck to dump contents. Choose from 800 and 1,500 lb. capacities. Durable safety restraint mechanism keeps loads from slipping...
    $788.79 - $806.81
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