Multi-Use Containers

Folding & Multi-Height Containers

  • Collapsible Bulk Box Collapsible Bulk Box

    Collapsible Bulk Box

    The collapsible bulk box is your one-stop transportation container. Manufactured from high-density materials, this bulk box protects all goods packed within during transit or in storage. When not in use, the container can be collapsed to a fraction of...
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  • Quantum Stack and Nest Totes

    Quantum Stack and Nest Totes

    Stack and nest containers make a great storage solution for several different applications. Reusable yet reliable, these totes are time-tested and counted on by many distribution and transportation companies nationwide. Features include: Injection...
    $76.60 - $163.88
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  • Forklift bulk container color gray Side container color gray

    Forklift Bulk Containers

    These rugged, durable bulk forklift containers are made of high density polyethylene and comes standard with features that contribute to easy lifting and storing. Built with two-way fork access to make lifting easier and safer, these bulk containers...
    $550.00 - $941.43
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  • SALE
    P390 Bulk Container P360 Bulk Container

    Deluxe Forklift Bulk Containers

    These deluxe model bulk forklift containers offer sanitary storage option when cleanliness is a must. Constructed entirely of plastic, the metal-free bin-and-base combination containers are easy-to-clean, efficient-to-ship and perfect for use by food...
    $956.25 - $1,207.14
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  • Vestil's Multi-C folding and multi height container Containers can be from one to four levels high

    Four-Level Container

    These folding and multi-height containers are a very flexible option for addressing storage requiring different heights. Each container includes one pallet bottom base with 4-way entry and 4 separate levels that can be stacked up to 4 levels high...
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