Steel Strapping Tools

Steel strapping is the undisputed 'king' of strapping material. It can be used to bundle lumber, pipes, steel and other heavy loads to secure it during transportation or shipment. These packaging tools are the top of the line steel strapping tools on the market today. We like these strapping tools so much, we use several of them at our own facility on a daily basis.

  • Steel Strapping Seals

    Steel Strapping Seals

    Open steel strapping seals are placed overlapping strapping ends either during or after tensioning the strapping. Eliminates pre-threading and speeds the strapping operation. Push seals are used where strap is tensioned by butting the nose of the...
    $38.46 - $185.00
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  • Manual Sealless Combo Tool Manual Sealless Combo Tool

    Manual Sealless Combo Tool

    This seal-less combination tool (cutting/sealing in one stroke) will eliminate the need for metal seals. This combo tool is easier to use than most in tight spaces and awkward positions and handles strapping in sizes of 1/2" - 3/4". These tools are...
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  • Economy Steel Sealer Closed Economy Steel Sealer

    Economy Steel Sealer

    This economy model steel strapping sealer works great for most packaging applications. It features front action operation for use with .023" and under gauge strapping. Comes in 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" sizes. This sealer will create a double-notch seal to...
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  • Economy Steel Tensioner Economy Steel Tensioner Close Up Front View

    Economy Steel Tensioner

    This general purpose economy model steel strapping tensioner is great for most small business applications. The rotary or "feed wheel" style mechanism in this tensioner takes up an unlimited amount of strapping continuously. The strapping need not be cut...
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  • Strapping Dispenser Cart Front View Strapping Dispenser Cart Side View

    Strapping Dispenser Cart

    This vertical strapping dispenser cart can be used on 16" x 3" steel strapping or plastic strapping (mill wound coils or can be used on 16" x 6" plastic strapping coils). The heavy-duty dispenser has a 5/8" axle, heavy duty 10" x 2.5" wheels, a handy...
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