Dock Equipment

Choosing the right dock equipment can make a huge difference in the efficiency of a facility's loading dock operations. While less expensive, dock boards and dock plates may not always be the best choice if you have several shipments every day. A dock leveler might be a better choice in this case. Either way, SJF has several loading dock options to make your shipping department more efficient.

  • Sidekick Barrel fan Sidekick Barrel fan

    Sidekick Barrel Fan

    Sidekick is the trusted and versatile solution for industry-leading airflow on the go. Durably engineered with an impact-resistant frame and a gearless direct-drive motor for quiet, powerful performance, it redefines what barrel...
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  • Cool-Space 200 Cool-Space 200

    Cool-Space 200

    Powerful cooling comes in a convenient, portable package with Cool-Space 200. When maximum cooling is needed and floor space is at a premium, its stackable design allows multiple units to work in tandem, ensuring workers stay productive...
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  • Cool-Space 500 Cool-Space 500

    Cool-Space 500

    When you need maximum cooling coverage, trust the powerful performance of Cool-Space 500. Durably engineered with a portable design, quiet and efficient motor, and advanced controls for convenient, hands-free use, Cool-Space 500 delivers...
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  • Cool-Space 400 Cool-Space 400

    Cool-Space 400

    When your people are on the job, workplace heat can’t go ignored. Cool-Space 400 delivers the cooling they need to work safely and efficiently, with options to best fit your facility. Larger media and variable-speed control allow you...
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  • Cool-Space 300 Cool-Space 300

    Cool-Space 300

    Take the fight to workplace heat with Cool-Space 300. Engineered with larger cooling media, fan diameter, and reservoir size than our base models, it delivers comfort to workers and guests over a wide area. Thanks to its variable-speed...
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  • Steel Yard Ramp Steel Yard Ramp

    Steel Yard Ramps

    Quickly load and unload trucks, trailers and rail cars from ground level when no freight dock exists with these steel yard ramps. Increase productivity while reducing material handling costs. Great for construction sites. A manual two-speed hand crank...
    $18,871.54 - $27,100.57
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  • Aluminum Yard Ramp Aluminum Yard Ramp Side View

    Aluminum Yard Ramps

    Portable aluminum yard ramps have a unique design that allows one person to position the ramp, adjust its service height, and load or unload trailers from ground level where no loading dock currently exists. These models all come standard with steel...
    $17,967.63 - $30,838.42
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  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramp In Action

    Heavy Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramps

    Load and unload equipment from trucks using these heavy duty fiberglass walk ramps. Reinforced fiberglass construction provides up to 3,000 lb. capacity. The abrasive surface provides incredible traction wet or dry.  Features include: Available...
    $0.00 - $2,370.43
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  • Aluminum Walk Ramp Aluminum Walk Ramp

    Aluminum Walk Ramp

    The Aluminum Walk Ramp enables delivery men, shippers, and receivers to load and unload trucks when docks are unavailable. Ramps feature a 1-1/2" high safety curb on each side with overlapping style that rests on the truck bed. Constructed of strong...
    $526.06 - $1,386.14
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  • Pallet color samples available Pallet with box

    Plastic Pallets & Skids

    This innovative plastic pallet unites two essential product features: capacity and versatility. Pallet/skid entry provides 4-way entry - 2-way by pallet truck and 4-way by fork truck. The pallet uniform supported capacity is 6,600 lb. Common reasons...
    $85.68 - $269.78
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  • Aluminum Pallet

    Aluminum Pallets

    This aluminum pallet is the pallet the food, rubber, pharmaceutical and chemical industries have always wanted. It is easy to clean with a power washer and stands up to high-power steam, brushes or pads. Features a non-skid surface for easy...
    $366.14 - $377.62
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  • Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

    Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

    Provide instant, odor-free heat for indoor and semi-protected outdoor workstations and warehouse areas with these economical portable electric infrared heaters. These units only warm persons and objects, not the air volume. All models have gold anodized...
    $2,072.28 - $2,868.45
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  • Portable Blower Fan Portable Blower Fan

    Portable Blower Fans

    These portable blower fans can really move some air! Best used where you need some serious wind power, these fans are great for cooling or ventilating a large area quickly and safely. Each blower fan features a two-speed, 115 volt/1 phase ball bearing...
    $1,028.35 - $1,075.34
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  • Industrial Fan

    Industrial Fans

    Heavy-duty industrial circulating fans are a great addition to any warehouse where hot weather is a factor. These two speed fans are totally enclosed and permanently lubricated providing years of worry free use. These models feature a 12' long cord and...
    $618.26 - $1,075.29
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  • Aluminum Dockplate Steel Dockplate


    These steel dockplates are constructed of high strength (55,000 psi) steel. Safety locking legs prevent slippage between truck and dock. Safety tread plate helps provide positive traction. Beveled edges for smooth entry and exit. Chain pickup comes...
    $576.35 - $1,878.74
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  • Aluminum Dockboard Steel Dockboard With Curbs


    Aluminum dockboards with steel safety curbs are designed for portability and safety. The deck is made of tough high strength aluminum diamond tread plate. The edges are beveled for smooth entry and exit. Safety curbs are yellow baked-in powder coated for...
    $853.62 - $3,758.74
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  • Dock Seal Dock Seal Diagram

    Dock Seals

    Dock Seals offer a very significant opportunity to conserve energy. In the majority of applications this equipment pays for itself the first year in heating costs alone. There are additional savings in the areas of security, personal safety, and product...
    $1,055.52 - $1,459.31
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  • Halogen Loading Light

    Halogen Loading Light

    Halogen Loading Light - OSHA specifically calls for a minimum lighting of 2 lumens per foot in all areas used by fork trucks. Keep loading docks safe and clearly lit with our rugged loading dock lights. These efficient loading lights are perfect for...
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  • Dock Loading Light

    Dock Loading Lights

    OSHA specifically calls for a minimum lighting of 2 lumens per foot in all areas used by fork trucks. Keep loading docks safe and clearly lit with our rugged loading dock lights. These efficient loading dock lights are perfect for commercial,...
    $215.42 - $512.46
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  • Laminated Dock Bumpers

    Laminated Dock Bumpers

    Laminated dock bumpers provide durable, economical protection for your loading dock and trailers. Units are constructed of fabric reinforced rubber from recycled truck tires. Pads are laminated between painted structural angles and held together with...
    $51.22 - $98.32
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  • Industrial Air Door Front of industrial air curtain

    Industrial Air Doors

    Installed above a large door, these industrial air doors, or "air curtains" will keep warm air inside and cold air outside. Air doors create a laminar air flow separating two different air zones. The industrial models are well suited for warehouses...
    $926.15 - $6,084.62
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  • Commercial Air Curtain Commercial Air Door front view

    Commercial Air Doors

    The LoPro2 Commercial Air Curtain is installed above a customer entryway and will keep warm air inside and cold air outside. Air Doors work by creating a laminar air-flow separating two different air zones. The commercial models are well suited for...
    $1,087.69 - $1,545.38
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  • Secure your wheel chock to the wall using this 15' chain and hanger Discourage loss of wheel chocks with a safety chain

    Wheel Chock Safety Chain

    Facilitate safety in the dock area and discourage theft and misplacement of wheel chocks using a tough chain with hanger. This 15' chain attaches to the hanger, and the hanger is then secured to the wall. Chain is fastened to the chock with cold shut...
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  • Adjustable mounting bracket for air doors or curtains

    Mounting Bracket Kit

    Mounting brackets are necessary for mounting your air doors or air curtains to the wall.This offset mounting bracket is intended to clear obstructions directly above the opening and are compatible with both swinging and sliding door types. The...
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