If you're looking for a strong and secure container to store, ship, or organize, these plastic totes will fit the bill. They are both nestable and stackable, and are available in many sizes and colors to fit your needs. Choose from models with or without lockable lids.

  • QGH600_BL QGH600_GY

    Giant Stack Containers

    The QGH600 giant stack container is a multipurpose wide open hopper for storage of large items. A large frontal label holder makes provision for quick identification. Features include: Outside dimensions: 17-1/2" x 10-7/8" x 12-1/2" Inside...
    $44.11 - $84.91
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  • Quantum Stack and Nest Totes

    Quantum Stack and Nest Totes

    Stack and nest containers make a great storage solution for several different applications. Reusable yet reliable, these totes are time-tested and counted on by many distribution and transportation companies nationwide. Features include: Injection...
    $76.60 - $163.88
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