Cantilever Racking - Structural


Why Buy New Cantilever Racking From SJF?

Heavy duty structural I-beam cantilever racking, also known as lumber racks or pipe racks, are specifically designed for storing long and bulky materials and are an excellent choice for storing items such as plywood and lumber, steel bars, pipe, PVC, metal tubes, etc.

SJF offers new structural steel cantilever shelving systems in starter kits, add-on kits or individual components to fit any storage needs. Custom cantilever rack specifications can be accommodated and are available by calling one of SJF's solutions specialists at (320) 485-4974 or (800) 598-5532. Visit our used cantilever racking page to view SJF's used cantilever racks selection for sale.

Cantilever racking kits include racking arms, uprights, bases & cross bracing sets. Cantilever storage racking is the preferred solution for storing lumber, PVC, rebar, furniture, boats, steel bar stock and a wide array of long, bulky and/or heavy items.

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