Work Bench Accessories

Customize your workbench with shelves, drawers, outlet strips, risers, dividers and more. Additional storage functionality keeps papers and other items off the surface, allowing more room for work and less time spent on looking through piles.

  • Workbench Sliding Dividers

    Workbench Sliding Dividers

    Sliding DividersThis sliding divider simply hooks onto the front bend of any riser shelf and slides left to right to create any size storage slot. The dividers for a 12" or 18" high riser are 10" high and the dividers for a 6" riser are 4" high. A 3"...
    $38.17 - $38.63
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  • Workbench Risers

    Workbench Risers

    Available in 6", 12" or 18" heights, these raised riser shelves can be mounted to any workbench surface. Most riser units attach to the top work surface, however on steel tops, they mount from the side. The 12" and 18" risers can be inter-stacked with...
    $80.62 - $115.62
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  • Workbench Power Outlet Strip Workbench Power Outlet Strip

    Workbench Power Outlet Strips

    Choose from 3 electrical workbench power outlet strips that can be directly mounted to any workbench. All of these strips are pre-wired and include a master power cord, a master on/off switch and a 15 amp fuse. These strips include clips that let you...
    $100.71 - $222.63
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  • Workbench File Runners

    Workbench File Runners

    File RunnersFile runners can be added to any 11" high drawer and allow file folders to be hung along the full length of the drawer. Runners are welded on at the factory but can also be added to existing drawers in the field. Specs:16 gaugeFormed and...
    $34.98 - $60.55
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  • Workbench Drawers Workbench Drawers

    Workbench Drawers

    These roller bearing drawers are the perfect add-on accessory for any workstation. These drawers can be bolted together in any configuration to create a true modular drawer workbench that can be easily reconfigured at any time. Choose from 3", 5", or 11"...
    $121.34 - $253.02
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  • Workbench Pull-Out Writing Surface

    Workbench Pull-Out Writing Surface

    Pull-Out Writing SurfaceThis pull-out writing surface mounts to the left or right side of any wood top workbench. This writing pull-out uses a 20" roller-bearing slide that can support up to 75 pounds. Specs:14"W x 20"D16 and 18 gaugeFormed, spot welded...
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  • Workbench Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

    Workbench Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

    These pull-out keyboard trays mount to the bottom of any wood top bench. All keyboard trays have a full 14" extension roller-bearing slide and a 30 pound capacity.The pullout keyboard and mouse tray is identical to the pull-out keyboard tray except that...
    $147.66 - $187.97
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  • Pull Out CPU Holder CPU Holder

    Workbench CPU Holder

    CPU HoldersThe standard leg-mounted CPU holder mounts easily to the leg strut of the workbench. This holder offers protection to the CPU on one side. All CPU holders can be attached to the left- or right-side leg of the work bench. The pull-out CPU...
    $118.80 - $254.09
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  • Workbench Bottom Shelf Half Workbench Bottom Shelf Full

    Workbench Bottom Shelves

    Choose from full-depth (24") or half-depth (12") bottom workbench shelves to add additional storage underneath your workbench. The rear 1-1/2" lip of these shelves are bent up and there is a double bend along the front edge for extra support. The full...
    $70.89 - $128.40
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  • Workbench Back Plates & End Plates

    Workbench Back Plates & End Plates

    Keep parts from rolling off the sides or back of your workbench with these workbench back or end plates. These pieces easily mount to the rear or sides of any workbench surface. All plates are 4-1/2" high and are formed with a fold for added rigidity...
    $38.62 - $39.08
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