Hoists & Trollies

A crane is useless without a good hoist and/or trolley. These hoists and trollies make it easy to manipulate loads in a variety of ways. Choose from the varied magnetic, hook type, easy connect and weighing solutions listed below.

  • Tripod Hoist Stand Tripod Hoist Stand Leg

    Tripod Hoist Stands

    These tripod hoist stands set up and knock down in minutes, folding up into a convenient portable package that is compact for storage. Both steel and aluminum tripods are designed with 4" tubing and easy to grip handles.Available in steel or aluminum...
    $1,405.22 - $3,124.48
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  • Quick-Install Manual Trolley Quick-Install Manual Trolley

    Quick-Install Manual Trolley

    These Quick-Install manual trollies are dependable, easy and safe to use. Designed to easily adjust to the width of virtually any S, H, W and M type I-beam. Width is adjusted with manual screw mechanism. Includes locking ring to prevent trolley width...
    $171.86 - $262.97
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  • Portable Cantilever Hoist

    Portable Cantilever Hoists

    The Portable Cantilever Hoist is a swivel crane for side loading and controlled lowering. The hoist has outriggers to increase stability with a counterbalanced/cantilever design.  Features include: Adjustable extendable boom swivels 360 degrees...
    $6,141.83 - $6,144.02
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  • Pallet Hoist

    Pallet Hoist

    Easily convert a crane or hoist to an aerial-like fork truck. These pallet lifters are designed to assist during construction work, ship loading, unpaved storage areas, open-top trucks and even barges. This solid steel construction lifters contains...
    $2,677.92 - $5,346.75
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  • Manual Hand Chain Hoist Manual Hand Chain Hoist

    Manual Hand Chain Hoists

    These portable, lightweight manual hand chain hoists are durable and easy to operate. Compact design and low headroom allow installation in confined areas. Enclosed double ratchet pawls with self adjusting disc brake standard. Designed with a safety...
    $167.20 - $343.68
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  • Magnetic Hoist Lift Magnetic Hoist Lift

    Magnetic Hoist Lifts

    Pick up sheets of material with an overhead crane or chain using these magnetic hoist lifters. The magnet is easily activated or deactivated by simply rotating a lever. The lift attachments are lightweight so transporting among work stations is...
    $313.83 - $981.77
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  • Low Profile Manual Eye Trollie Low Profile Manual Eye Trollie

    Low Profile Manual Eye Trollies

    These low profile manual eye trollies have been designed to quickly install on virtually any S-, H-, W- and M-type I-beam. The width of the trolley is adjusted by rotating the center rod with lifting eye clockwise or counterclockwise. Once the hoist (not...
    $157.94 - $340.23
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  • Crane Scale

    Crane Scales

    Dimensions-7-5/8"W x 8"D x 14"H Easily and accurately weigh handing loads with these affordable crane scales. These models offer fast and reliable weighing in a very compact and durable housing. Designed with aggressive industrial lifting applications in...
    $1,063.78 - $1,340.60
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  • Beam Clamp Beam Clamp

    Beam Clamp

    Beam clamps are designed to be used as a fixed position lifting point for an overhead hoist. They are designed also to reduce the I-beam flange stress by distributing loads away from the flange edges during overhead lifting applications. These versatile...
    $74.94 - $99.18
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