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  • Teardrop pallet rack upright columns for warehouse storage racking Single pallet rack upright column

    Welded Frame - Ship from Illinois

    SJF and Interlake's heavy duty and extra heavy duty teardrop pallet racking upright columns utilize the universal teardrop style connectors and can be interchanged with any standard teardrop racking on the market today. Now in sizes to fit almost...
    $154.58 - $304.23
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  • Bolted Frame Bolted Frame

    Bolted Frame - Ship from Illinois

    Frames consist of two open-back steel posts featuring a varying number of horizontal and diagonal braces, determined by the height of the upright. These posts are equipped with industry-standard teardrop-style slots spaced every 2 inches, facilitating a...
    $96.75 - $302.28
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