Anybody who has worked standing for long periods on a hard surface knows the benefits that a simple anti-fatigue mat can provide. These ergonomic floor mats are the top of the line in the industry.

  • Ergomat Classic floor matting Ergomat Classic anti-fatigue matting works in many industries

    Ergomat Classic Floor Matting

    These Ergomat Classic anti-fatigue mats (formerly Standard) set the standard in matting excellence. The original, unsurpassed polyurethane anti-fatigue mat for all dry, non-corrosive and non-abrasive areas. Choose this mat if you are looking for the...

    $232.62 - $581.54
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  • Ergomat Complete Smooth ergonomic mat works well for customer service counters, pharmacies, retail and assembly lines. Complete Smooth matting provides anti-fatigue properties for workers

    Ergomat Complete Smooth Floor Matting

    The Ergomat Complete Smooth is a versatile polyurethane anti-fatigue ergonomic mat designed to tolerate mild exposure to oils and other liquids and protect against static. Its low profile design makes it ideal for workstations that require compatibility...

    $83.08 - $415.38
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  • The Nitril ESD/Conductive mat protections sensitive electrical products or equipment Nitril ESD matting works well when ergonomics and static control is required

    Ergomat Nitril ESD/ Conductive Floor Matting

    The Ergomat Nitril ESD/Conductive anti-fatigue mat is the perfect anit-fatigue solution when chemical resistance and enhanced static control (conductive) properties are required. This ergonomic mat is typically used in electronics assembly and...

    $138.46 - $692.31
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  • Ergomat Nitro matting uses positive gripping for exceptional traction Nitro is perfect for areas where there is water or oil or when traction is needed

    Ergomat Nitril Floor Matting

    The Ergomat Nitril anti-fatigue mat is manufactured from the same durable grade of nitril rubber as the Softline but with a friendlier design. It is well-suited to environments that are exceptionally oily or wet, or  where aesthetic considerations...

    $127.38 - $636.92
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  • Ergomat Softline floor matting Ergomat Softline in action

    Ergomat Softline Floor Matting

    Our Ergomat Softline Anti-Fatigue Mat is made from virgin nitril rubber. It is highly chemical and heat resistant. Great for use in such applications as welding and machining areas in the metal working industry, but also in food processing where a high...

    $127.38 - $636.92
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