Bar Storage Racks

These bar storage racks are a great option where a cantilever rack would be overkill. Chose from a stand-up style storage rack (for shorter bars) and a pigeon hole style bar storage rack (for longer bars). Items that can be stored with these racks include metal stock, PVC pipes, steel pipes or other long and/or bulky tube stock.

  • Horizontal Sheet Storage Rack side view Horizontal Sheet Storage Rack front view

    Horizontal Sheet Storage Rack

    This horizontal sheet storage rack is designed for storage of sheet goods and similar materials. Flat sheet storage rack reduces warping of thin materials such as sheet steel or aluminum. Features include: The five shelf design allows for generous...
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  • Long Bar Pigeon Hole Rack Starter Unit Long Bar Pigeon Hole Rack Add-on Unit

    Long Bar Pigeon Hole Rack

    This long bar pigeon hole rack is ideal for mixed storage of long items. The five-hole high and three-hole wide frame allows for easy identification and retrieval of materials. These long bar racks are constructed from steel to maximize stability...
    $622.75 - $861.23
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  • Vertical Short Bar Storage Rack Horizontal Short Bar Storage Rack

    Short Bar Storage Racks

    The horizontal bar storage rack unit stores lengths of stock up to 10’ on one unit. This model features nine storage levels on 9” arms. The vertical bar storage rack unit will handle odd lengths from 21” to 12’ long. Arms...
    $385.85 - $525.28
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