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Our Minnesota-shipped pallet racking accessories, including safety clips, column protectors, wire decking, and pallet supports, enhance your storage system's efficiency and safety. Designed for seamless integration, they offer stability, protection, and optimized space utilization. Elevate your warehouse with our high-quality, versatile accessories for improved operation and organization.

  • Installed M Dividers on pallet racking M Dividers for separating items on pallet racking

    M Dividers

    SJF's M Dividers are an important accessory designed to fit on pallet racking beams to create vertical storage for tall or lengthy items such as doors, windows, molding, panels and more. M dividers create a division within the rack itself so that...
    $40.42 - $43.47
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  • Post protectors to protect rack from impact and damage The inside view of an installed post protector

    Post Protectors

    Help protect your employee's safety as well as your rack investment from forklift collisions by installing SJF's post protectors for pallet racking, otherwise known as column protectors or column guards. These post protectors are designed to protect your...
    $28.22 - $36.42
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  • Channel wire decks for pallet rack Wire deck  installed into pallet racking

    Wire Decking - Galvanized

    Choose from several sizes of new SJF galvanized pallet rack wire decking to make your pallet racking safer and more efficient. Our wire decking comes in sizes to fit any pallet rack offered through SJF. All SJF's wire decks for pallet racking use the...
    $17.92 - $45.99
    $11.82 - $52.08
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  • Installed galvanized standard pallet support Standard galvanized pallet racking support

    Pallet Supports

    SJF's pallet racking pallet supports, as the name implies, provide support to the underside of pallets and prevent beam spreading. Typically, each pallet should have two pallet supports, and the load still must rest on both front and rear beams. Pallet...
    $7.76 - $10.76
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  • Outside view of a double ended aisle guard Inside view of a double aisle guard

    Aisle Guards

    SJF's aisle guards for pallet racking, otherwise known as end of aisle protectors or end of row guards, protect your rack against forklift damage while adding a layer of safety to your pallet racking system. The guards are installed around the pallet...
    $160.62 - $204.74
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  • Row spacers join pallet racks together Close up view of a row spacer

    Row Spacers

    SJF's row spacers for pallet racking connect and evenly space pallet rack bays together to provide stability and keep racks at a consistent distance from each other. They work well with back-to-back rack configurations and long rows of racking. The...
    $6.79 - $17.98
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  • Wall Tie Wall ties for safety and stabilities

    Wall Ties

    Choose 6", 8" or 12" pallet racking wall ties to secure your pallet rack to the wall, adding an additional layer of stability and protection against falls. The Wall Tie is a high-quality construction fastening component designed to enhance the stability...
    $5.31 - $7.41
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