Structural Cantilever Rack Starter Kits

Cantilever Starter Kits to Create a New Racking System

  • Single sided cantilever rack kit Cantilever rack components labeled

    Cantilever Racking Starter Kit - Single Sided

    Cantilever racking (also referred to as lumber racks or pipe rack) are a strong heavy duty storage shelving system. Cantilever racks are specifically designed for storing long and bulky items. Popular uses include storage for materials such as...
    $1,342.93 - $2,627.91
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  • Double sided cantilever rack starter kit Cantilever racking  components

    Cantilever Racking Starter Kit - Double Sided

    Cantilever racking kits provide high capacity storage for long and bulky items such as lumber, plywood, sheet steel, boats, cars and more. Many sizes, configurations and capacities available to choose from.Cantilever racking (also referred to as lumber...
    $1,901.22 - $3,745.32
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