Bumpers & Chocks

Dock bumpers and wheel chocks are a fairly inexpensive insurance policy against damage resulting from run away trucks or other heavy vehicles.

  • Laminated Dock Bumpers

    Laminated Dock Bumpers

    Laminated dock bumpers provide durable, economical protection for your loading dock and trailers. Units are constructed of fabric reinforced rubber from recycled truck tires. Pads are laminated between painted structural angles and held together with...
    $44.39 - $77.96
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  • Secure your wheel chock to the wall using this 15' chain and hanger Discourage loss of wheel chocks with a safety chain

    Wheel Chock Safety Chain

    Facilitate safety in the dock area and discourage theft and misplacement of wheel chocks using a tough chain with hanger. This 15' chain attaches to the hanger, and the hanger is then secured to the wall. Chain is fastened to the chock with cold shut...
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