Vestil Manufacturing Company

  • A-Frame Carts A-Frame Carts

    A-Frame Carts

    A-frame carts are ideal for moving large bulky sheets of material such as drywall, plywood, paneling, glass panels or sheets of metal. A convenient parts tray is included between A-frame uprights. A...

    $559.58 - $649.58
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  • Aluminum Plate Dolly Aluminum Plate Dolly Front View

    Aluminum and Steel Plate Dollies

    Aluminum and steel plate dollies are manufactured with a 3/8" thick raised diamond pattern aluminum or steel tread-plate. A smooth deck is available upon request (please call for more details)...

    $169.35 - $277.17
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  • Dual Handle Hand Cart with Aluminum Noseplate Left View Dual Handle Hand Cart with Aluminum Noseplate

    Aluminum Dual Handle Hand Truck

    Transport loads smoothly and evenly over rough or uneven floors. These lightweight aluminum dual handle hand trucks offer maximum control for different loads with heavy duty aluminum construction...

    $166.32 - $192.38
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  • Standard duty aluminum channel platform truck right view Standard duty aluminum channel platform truck left view

    Aluminum Platform Carts

    These all purpose aluminum platform carts are built to last. Choose from three styles: Standard duty channel platform trucks - Rugged, dependable service at an economical price. Extruded deck...

    $479.08 - $1,071.20
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  • Aluminum Stockpicker Cart Aluminum Stockpicker Cart

    Aluminum Stockpicker Carts

    Why struggle to get items out of your reach? Aluminum stock picker carts combine the mobility of a cart with the versatility of a step ladder. These stock picking carts are available in two and three...

    $582.58 - $757.34
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  • Vestil's aluminum telescopic ladder, TLAD-12 Aluminum telescopic ladder extended

    Aluminum Telescopic Ladders

    Aluminum telescoping ladders are a great way to save on storage space. The lightweight and low profile design allows for storage in closets or tight spaces, and makes it easy to transport. Features...

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  • Automatic Drum Lifter Automatic Drum Lifter Front View

    Automatic Drum Lifters

    These automatic eagle beak drum lifters have a time tested and proven design that allows a fork truck operator to easily secure, move, and release drums without leaving the seat of the fork truck...

    $1,108.85 - $1,527.35
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  • Chain With Grab Hook Pallet Puller 20' Chain With Grab Hook Pallet Puller 20'

    Chain With Grab Hook Pallet Puller

    These chains with grab hooks attach to pallet pullers for additional length and strength. Choose from 20 or 40 foot lengths. Chains are 1/4" and have a uniform pulling capacity of 6,000 lb.

    $38.60 - $62.72
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  • Vestil 90° corner machinery guard - 24" x 24" x 4" Vestil 90° corner elbow machinery guard - 24" x 24" x 4"

    Corner Machinery Guards

    Protect people and machinery both visually and physically with these corner style 90 degree machinery and rack guards. Constructed of heavy-duty all welded steel pipe, these high profile machinery...

    $248.88 - $314.80
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  • The deluxe combination fork mounted drum lifter includes attachments to lift any type of drum Let the forklift do the work when lifting heavy 55 gallon drums

    Deluxe Fork Mounted Drum Lifter

    The deluxe combination fork mounted drum lifter includes attachments to lift any type of drum, such as: 30 and 55 gallon, steel, plastic, fiber, and open or closed head drums. Includes single...

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  • Deluxe Roller Stands

    Deluxe Roller Stands

    These deluxe roller stands are designed for use as an extra hand when working with long materials. Each stand includes 2" chrome plated rollers and heavy-duty cast steel base. Choose either v-groove...

    $119.17 - $133.80
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  • Dock Loading Light

    Dock Loading Lights

    OSHA specifically calls for a minimum lighting of 2 lumens per foot in all areas used by fork trucks. Keep loading docks safe and clearly lit with our rugged loading dock lights. These efficient...

    $186.12 - $444.46
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  • Dock Seal Dock Seal Diagram

    Dock Seals

    Dock Seals offer a very significant opportunity to conserve energy. In the majority of applications this equipment pays for itself the first year in heating costs alone. There are additional savings...

    $897.55 - $1,241.71
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  • Aluminum Dockboard Steel Dockboard With Curbs


    Aluminum dockboards with steel safety curbs are designed for portability and safety. The deck is made of tough high strength aluminum diamond tread plate. The edges are beveled for smooth entry and...

    $648.57 - $2,779.54
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  • Aluminum Dockplate Steel Dockplate


    These steel dockplates are constructed of high strength (55,000 psi) steel. Safety locking legs prevent slippage between truck and dock. Safety tread plate helps provide positive traction. Beveled...

    $425.71 - $1,084.78
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  • Double drum grippers can move two 55 gallon drums with ease Includes a safety chain that attaches to the fork truck for added security

    Double Drum Grippers

    Designed with easy operation in mind, the double drum gripper can pick up two steel drums without ever leaving the driver's seat of the fork truck. Simply slip the forks into the fork tubes, fasten...

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  • Double Fork Mounted Drum Lifter Double Fork Mounted Drum Lifter

    Double Fork Mounted Drum Lifters

    Double Fork Mounted Drum Lifters utilize a light duty single automatic clamping mechanism for handling any size steel or plastic chimed drum. FMDDL-1700 model 1,500 lb. capacity 38" width x 34"...

    $1,877.80 - $6,559.26
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  • Drum Storage Stand Drum Storage Stands

    Drum Storage Stands

    Drum stands provides economical and convenient portability. These stands offer a uniquely designed understructure that allows for transporting of drums with either a pallet truck or forklift.The drum...

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  • EPT-2547-30 electric powered pallet truck EPT-2748-45 electric powered pallet truck

    Electric Pallet Jacks

    This fully powered electric pallet truck features easy and quick operation. Raise and lower loads with a push of a button. Maneuvers loads in warehouses and trailers. Reinforced welded forks with...

    $4,865.63 - $7,067.71
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  • Electric Shrink Wrap Heat Guns Electric Shrink Wrap Heat Guns

    Electric Shrink Wrap Heat Guns

    Use this electric shrink wrap heat gun for all of your shrink wrapping requirements. This gun is also great for removing decals and stripping paint and varnish. The electric shrink wrap heat gun is...

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  • Folding bollards are available in galvanized or yellow finishes A padlock  locks the folding bollard into an upright position

    Folding Bollards

    These Folding Bollards are constructed of steel and are locked in the raised position with a padlock (padlock not included). When padlock is removed, bollard may be lowered to the ground to allow for...

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  • Fork Mounted Drum Carriers/Rotator Fork Mounted Drum Carriers/Rotator

    Fork Mounted Drum Carriers/Rotators

    Easily transport and rotate 55-gallon steel drums with this fork mounted drum carrier/dumper/rotator and utilize your fork truck to dump contents. Choose from 800 and 1,500 lb. capacities. Durable...

    $683.12 - $713.34
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  • Fork Truck Plastic Drum Lifters Fork Truck Plastic Drum Lifters

    Fork Truck Plastic Drum Lifters

    Transport 55 gallon plastic drums with either style of these fork truck plastic drum lifters. Available in two different styles: one with a bottom grip to allow for use with both open and closed head...

    $801.31 - $919.49
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  • This forklift mounted front end loader lets you use your existing forklift by attaching to the forks Forklift mounted front end loaders are perfect for snow, gravel, sand or refuse

    Forklift Mounted Front End Loader

    The forklift mounted front end loader is engineered for use with your existing fork truck. The "dust pan" design is ideal for transporting snow, gravel, sand or refuse. Pull release cable to...

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  • Vestil's Multi-C folding and multi height container Containers can be from one to four levels high

    Four-Level Container

    These folding and multi-height containers are a very flexible option for addressing storage requiring different heights. Each container includes one pallet bottom base with 4-way entry and 4...

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