• Baling Press Front View Baling Press Demensions Blueprint Front

    Baling Press

    This standard Ver-Tech Hydraulic Baling Press baler is the toughest and most reliable vertical downstroke baling press on the market today. The standard model is stress engineered for maximum...

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  • Low Profile Hydraulic Baler Front View Low Profile Hydraulic Baler Dimensions Blueprint Front

    Low Profile Hydraulic Baler

    This low profile space saver hydraulic downstroke baler is engineered to produce dense mill-sized bales, despite the fact that it operates under an 8 foot ceiling and requires significantly less...

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  • Mini Baler Front View Mini Baler Taking out bale

    Mini Baler

    Compact a mountain of material into a neat, dense, marketable bale measuring 24" wide by 30" long. With 4 tie slots, the Ver-Tech Mini Hydraulic Baler makes solid, uniform bales of clothing, rag...

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  • Portable Hydraulic Baler Front View Portable Hydraulic Baler Dimentions Blueprint Front

    Portable Hydraulic Baler

    This portable low profile space saver hydraulic baler is engineered with the same safety and operating features of our larger balers. Double safety interlocks, including both an electromechanical...

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