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  • Lite Load Lift

    Lite Load Lifts

    Transport boxes or crates or use to inventory storage easily with minimal lifting with our low profile lite load lift. Easy to operate with either a hand winch or foot pump. The platform lifts...
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  • Long Bar Pigeon Hole Rack Starter Unit Long Bar Pigeon Hole Rack Add-on Unit

    Long Bar Pigeon Hole Rack

    This long bar pigeon hole rack is ideal for mixed storage of long items. The five-hole high and three-hole wide frame allows for easy identification and retrieval of materials. These long bar racks...
    $622.75 - $861.23
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  • Low Profile Manual Eye Trollie Low Profile Manual Eye Trollie

    Low Profile Manual Eye Trolley

    These low profile manual eye trollies have been designed to quickly install on virtually any S-, H-, W- and M-type I-beam. The width of the trolley is adjusted by rotating the center rod with lifting...
    $111.41 - $240.13
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  • Magnetic Hoist Lift Magnetic Hoist Lift

    Magnetic Hoist Lifts

    Pick up sheets of material with an overhead crane or chain using these magnetic hoist lifters. The magnet is easily activated or deactivated by simply rotating a lever. The lift attachments are...
    $205.80 - $770.53
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  • Manual Hand Chain Hoist Manual Hand Chain Hoist

    Manual Hand Chain Hoists

    These portable, lightweight manual hand chain hoists are durable and easy to operate. Compact design and low headroom allow installation in confined areas. Enclosed double ratchet pawls with self...
    $143.13 - $242.85
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  • Manual hydraulic motorcycle lift with motorcycle Manual motorcycle lift - right side

    Manual Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

    This Vestil Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift is a manual foot pump activated stationary lift that is ideal for the casual and professional rider to work on their motorcycles. Features a front tire...
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  • Mini Overhead Cantilever Jib Mini Overhead Cantilever Jib

    Mini Overhead Cantilever Jibs

    Utilize this unique mini overhead cantilever jib in work cells and work areas. Fixed-height design allows for the 39-3/4" long outriggers to be mounted underneath a work bench. Easily lift product...
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  • Vestil's PM1-1532-MINI pallet truck holds a capacity of 1,100 lb. This MINI pallet truck is a smaller, more lightweight option for pallet jacks

    Mini Pallet Jacks

    A mini hand pallet truck is an asset to a variety of manufacturing and shipping facilities. It's robust construction minimizes manual labor by allowing the user to comfortably and easily transfer...
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  • Mobile Drum Dollies Mobile Drum Dollies

    Mobile Drum Dollies

    Transport ordinary or specialty styled drums easily with these multipurpose mobile drum dollies. The DRUM-DRH-HR is a standard drum dolly with a handle for easy mobility. It has a 1,000 lb. weight...
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  • Vestil's heavy duty nestable panel cart - PRCT-N Nestable Panel Carts

    Nestable Panel Carts

    Transport sheets of paneling, doors, plywood and lumber with this heavy duty nestable panel cart. When not in use, the unique nestable design of this panel cart saves space when storing by allowing...
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  • Front view of pallet carts with carousel Front view of pallet carts with carousel

    Pallet Carts with Carousel

    Move products from one workstation to another with the multipurpose pallet cart with carousel. The all-welded construction features a 48" diameter carousel with a 1/4" tread plate deck and a...
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  • Forklift Mounted Pallet Dumper Forklift Mounted Pallet Dumper on forklift

    Pallet Dumper/Retainer

    Dump loaded pallets easily without leaving the seat of your fork truck. This all welded steel pallet dumper/retainer fits to forks and is secured by a safety chain. Two retainers hold the pallet in...
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  • Pallet Hoist

    Pallet Hoist

    Easily convert a crane or hoist to an aerial-like fork truck. These pallet lifters are designed to assist during construction work, ship loading, unpaved storage areas, open-top trucks and even...
    $1,798.71 - $3,592.08
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  • The PM-2748 pallet truck with scale and printer Vestil's pallet truck with scale and printer

    Pallet Jacks with Digital Scales

    This pallet jack with digital scale allows you to weigh your load on the spot for maximum efficiency. The frame uses heavy-duty steel construction for maximum strength and durability. This model is...
    $2,152.33 - $2,981.89
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  • Heavy duty lumber and panel cart with basket Transport lumber with ease with this PRCT panel cart

    Panel and Lumber Carts

    This lumber and panel cart is perfect for handling items such as sheets of paneling, plywood, doors and lumber. A convenient, removable plastic basket is included for carrying smaller items and tools...
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  • Plastic Edge Protector Plastic Edge Protector

    Plastic Edge Protectors

    Stabilize loads during shipping and prevent damage caused by strap cutting with these Edge Protectors. Available in nylon or plastic. These units work well with both steel or plastic strapping as...
    $68.77 - $117.77
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  • Pallet color samples available Pallet with box

    Plastic Pallets & Skids

    This innovative plastic pallet unites two essential product features: capacity and versatility. Pallet/skid entry provides 4-way entry - 2-way by pallet truck and 4-way by fork truck. The pallet...
    $65.19 - $198.45
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  • Portable Blower Fan Portable Blower Fan

    Portable Blower Fans

    These portable blower fans can really move some air! Best used where you need some serious wind power, these fans are great for cooling or ventilating a large area quickly and safely. Each blower fan...
    $598.23 - $931.96
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  • Portable Cantilever Hoist

    Portable Cantilever Hoists

    The Portable Cantilever Hoist is a swivel crane for side loading and controlled lowering. The hoist has outriggers to increase stability with a counterbalanced/cantilever design.  Features...
    $4,826.12 - $5,324.81
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  • Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporter Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporter Front View

    Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporters

    Lift, rotate, and transport 55 gallon steel drums with these portable drum lifter/rotator/transporters. Ideal for use in warehouse environments when moving drums to and from racks. Drums can be...
    $2,678.16 - $6,185.24
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  • Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

    Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

    Provide instant, odor-free heat for indoor and semi-protected outdoor workstations and warehouse areas with these economical portable electric infrared heaters. These units only warm persons and...
    $1,935.61 - $2,683.31
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  • Quick-Install Manual Trolley Quick-Install Manual Trolley

    Quick-Install Manual Trolley

    These Quick-Install manual trollies are dependable, easy and safe to use. Designed to easily adjust to the width of virtually any S, H, W and M type I-beam. Width is adjusted with manual screw...
    $121.45 - $185.77
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  • Stainless Steel Pallet Jack Stainless Steel Pallet Jack

    Sanitary Environment Pallet Jacks

    These sanitary environment pallet jacks are the go-to product for situations that require easy sanitation. Stainless steel and stainless steel frame and fork pallet jacks are ideal for sanitary,...
    $727.92 - $2,004.55
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  • Pallet pullers do the hard work for you! PAL-12 Single scissor action pallet puller allows for wider jaw opening

    Scissor Type Pallet Pullers

    Scissor type pallet pullers are used to pull pallets to rear of trailers for easy fork lift access. Rugged steel construction. Heads are self-cleaning and unaffected by wood particles, paint or...
    $67.91 - $76.15
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