Big Ass Fans

  • Cool-Space 300 Cool-Space 300

    Cool-Space 300

    Take the fight to workplace heat with Cool-Space 300. Engineered with larger cooling media, fan diameter, and reservoir size than our base models, it delivers comfort to workers and guests...
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  • Cool-Space 350 Cool-Space 350

    Cool-Space 350

    Heat can cripple your facility’s production and put your people at risk. For a rapid, effective response, rely on Cool-Space evaporative coolers. Combining powerful, quiet direct-drive fan...
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  • Cool-Space 400 Cool-Space 400

    Cool-Space 400

    When your people are on the job, workplace heat can’t go ignored. Cool-Space 400 delivers the cooling they need to work safely and efficiently, with options to best fit your facility...
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  • Cool-Space 500 Cool-Space 500

    Cool-Space 500

    When you need maximum cooling coverage, trust the powerful performance of Cool-Space 500. Durably engineered with a portable design, quiet and efficient motor, and advanced controls for...
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  • Sidekick Barrel fan Sidekick Barrel fan

    Sidekick Barrel Fan

    Sidekick is the trusted and versatile solution for industry-leading airflow on the go. Durably engineered with an impact-resistant frame and a gearless direct-drive motor for quiet,...
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