Avery Weigh-tronic LLC

  • This basic office scale can weigh letters, packages and more up to 11 lbs. Basic office scale for simple weighing

    Basic Office Scale

    This simple weight-only electronic office scale is perfect for letter and small parcel mail to ensure correct postage without overpayment. Includes on/tare, off and units buttons. Displays weight in...

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  • Easy to operate digital floor scale display Front view of display for digital floor scales

    Digital Display for Floor Scales

    These digital scale displays are general purpose, "no frills" digital indicators housed in a painted, mild steel enclosure. They can display up to 30,000 divisions and supply enough current for up to...

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  • Digital Hanging Scale Digital Hanging Scale With Remote

    Digital Hanging Scales

    This digital crane scale is a versatile economic solution for overhead material handling and weighing applications. Features include: Rechargeable battery provides 20 hours between...

    $729.23 - $756.92
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  • High Accuracy Counting Scale High Accuracy Counting Scale

    High Accuracy Counting Scales

    The B140 30,000 display resolution counting scale includes an AC power adapter, rechargeable lead-acid battery for 20 hours of operation, and a 11.5" x 8.75" removable stainless steel platform. The...

    $450.00 - $484.62
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  • Industrial Floor Scale Industrial Floor Scale Alternate View

    Industrial Floor Scales

    Extremely accurate and durable, this industrial floor scale performs exceptionally well in applications located in tough industrial environments, including outdoor dock applications. NTEP-certified...

    $1,350.89 - $1,938.46
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  • Mechanical Hanging Scale Mechanical Hanging Scale

    Mechanical Hanging Scales

    These robust, accurate, portable and reliable mechanical hanging scales feature high-quality construction combined with ease of use to give you a weighing solution that's second to none. Features...

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  • Floor Scale End Ramp Floor Scale end Ramp With Scale (not included)

    Mild Steel Floor Scale End Ramp

    Used with a floor scale, these ramps make it easy to weigh product on pallet jacks. Made of mild steel, these ramps will endure years of abuse. Ramps are priced individually...

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  • Stainless Steel Platform Bench Scale Platform Bench Scale Black

    Platform Bench Scales

    These platform bench scales are particularly suited to shipping/warehouse applications and general purpose weighing. These are very affordable scales with accurate weights up to 400 lbs...

    $235.00 - $240.00
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  • Professional postal scale with  letter stand opened Professional postal scale with letter stand closed

    Professional Postal Scale

    This is an excellent professional grade scale for the office and any general weighing applications. It's a simple, elegant scale that can ensure correct postage without overpaying. It's low-profile...

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