Meco Cantilever Rack Components

Medium duty cantilever racks are a favorite of small- to medium-sized wood shops, garage hobbiests and other businesses where heavy duty storage is not necessary. SJF's medium duty cantilever rack systems store pipes, plywood, tubing and lumber just like its big brother - but with less weight. Medium duty cantilever racking is sufficient for capacities of up to 1,000 pounds per arm (12" arms) and as much as 7,600 pounds per upright (8' uprights).

For most industrial storage needs, heavy duty cantilever rack systems will provide a storage solution that will meet storage needs from 1,000 to 3,000 pounds per arm depending on arm length. Heavy duty cantilever rack can be found in facilities across the US storing everything from plywood to PVC, lumber to pipes and many other materials.

Extra heavy duty roll-form cantilever racks are the go-to choice for manufacturers nationwide where extra cantilever rack capacity is needed. These extra heavy duty cantilever storage racks can hold a massive amount of weight (up to 28,000 pounds per upright) and are endlessly configurable for items such as plywood, metal pipes, lumber or other long item storage.

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