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Lift Products, Inc. manufactures material handling and lift equipment including lift tables, carts, upenders, stackers, lifters, work positioners, and much more. In the industry, Lift Products has a reputation for having some of the most well-made, quality lift products on the market. Below you'll find some of their most popular lift tables available for immediate sale. If you see something you like, but can't find the size you need, please call our in-house solutions specialists to inquire about a custom made lift table. [800-598-5532]

  • Roto-Max Work Positioner Roto-Max Work Positioner In Action

    Roto-Max Work Positioner

    Lift and rotate - No longer just good exercise advice but a great way to position your work to avoid inefficiency and/or injuries due to non-ergonomic work positions. This table was designed and built with the operator in mind. The table operator simply...
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  • Medium Duty Lift Table Medium Duty Lift Table Dropped Down

    Medium Duty Lift Table

    This lift table represents the best value in safety and lift table technology, and is the most cost-effective lift table in the industry today. Help your employees be more efficient and reduce injury claims by lifting loads to a comfortable working...
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  • Light Duty Lift Table Light Duty Lift Table Motor

    Light Duty Lift Tables

    If you're in need of a lift table that's reliable, safe, and easy to use, these light-duty lift tables are just the ticket. Don't let the light-duty designation fool you - these tables are capable of lifting 2,000-3,000 pounds depending on the model. The...
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  • Heavy Duty Lift Table

    Heavy Duty Lift Tables

    These top-of-the-line, heavy duty lift tables are the best of the best models on the market today. These lift tables feature unparalleled reliability and many features, right out of the box. These units can reduce awkward bending and lifting by moving...
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