Interlake Teardrop Pallet Racking Beams

Consistent, reliable, versatile - These are just a few words that can be used to describe Interlake's line of teardrop pallet racking. Interlake has built a reputation as an industry leader in warehouse rack applications large and small. This rack utilizes universal teardrop style connectors which can be interchanged with any and all standard teardrop racking on the market today.
These roll-formed teardrop pallet rack beams meet and often exceed all RMI (Rack Manufacturer's Institute) specifications for maximum safety. The patented "Piston Lock" mechanism provides a secure and tamper resistant way to lock beams in place - keeping them where they belong.

Slotted beams have slots cut out of the bottom of the step along the length of the beam to facilitate pallet supports and other accessories to 'lock' into place.

Choose from several beam heights & lengths in both slotted or non-slotted style to get the exact pallet storage specifications you need.

Product Notes:
Painted Standard "Safety" Orange
Load capacities listed are for evenly distributed loads plus weight of beams.
Beams longer than 90" should be tied together to prevent spreading
Beams 60" and shorter are designed for single pallet wide applications
Capacities listed have been reduced for impact loading.
Capacities are only valid when beams are connected to Interlake Frames

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