Husky Teardrop Pallet Rack Beams

Husky Rack and Wire pallet racking has been a mainstay of the warehouse racking industry for over 30 years. The teardrop design pattern is an industry standard and is 100% compatible with most other manufacturer's teardrop products.

teardrop beams feature a patented "Bowlock" safety clip which cannot be sprung or removed without first removing the beam. The bowlock design also requires no special tools to operate. Shelf levels are adjustable via 2" increments.

All quickship beams are painted a standard "safety orange" color.

General Notes:

  • Beam capacities listed are for uniformly distributed loads.
  • Beam capacities are based on a deflection specification of beam length/180 or on connector shear capacity, whichever is limiting.
  • Beams over 120" in length should be tied across the middle to prevent beam spread
  • Beams over 90" that support loose decking should be tied across the middle to prevent beam spread.
  • Please contact an SJF sales rep for any application with beam spacing over 96"

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