Husky Pallet Racking Adder Kits

Husky Rack and Wire Pallet Racking Adder Kits with Wire Deck contain all high quality Wireway Husky components assembled into a single kit for easy ordering. These bundled packages include everything you'll need for one complete add-on section of pallet racking with wire mesh decking that connects directly to your existing Husky Rack and Wire pallet rack.

Used in conjunction with Husky Rack and Wire starter kits, you can create rows of interconnected pallet racking easily and quickly without dealing with large parts lists.

Each pallet rack adder kit with wire deck comes complete with:
1 upright
4 beams
4 wire decks

All uprights use the standard heavy duty 1" x 3" post construction, which will allow each pair of uprights to hold a total weight of 15,936 pounds (based on 48" vertical shelf spacing).

Each post and beam is the standard "Teardrop" design, which is compatible with all other standard Teardrop pallet rack made by other manufacturers.

All Husky Rack and Wire wire decks are made in the USA from high-quality pre-galvanized 6 gauge wire and 14 gauge pre-galvanized channels. Capacity rating of 2,000 lbs. is based on an evenly distributed load. "Waterfall" overhang measures 1.5" deep.

All uprights are painted a standard green, and beams are the standard safety orange color (see photos).

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