Floor Scales

Floor scales make it easy to weigh large loads such as pallets, skids or crates. These floor scales can be customized with ramps and different displays for higher visibility.

  • Easy to operate digital floor scale display Front view of display for digital floor scales

    Digital Display for Floor Scales

    These digital scale displays are general purpose, "no frills" digital indicators housed in a painted, mild steel enclosure. They can display up to 30,000 divisions and supply enough current for up to six 350-ohm load cells. All setup parameters may be...

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  • Industrial Floor Scale Industrial Floor Scale Alternate View

    Industrial Floor Scales

    Extremely accurate and durable, this industrial floor scale performs exceptionally well in applications located in tough industrial environments, including outdoor dock applications. NTEP-certified "legal for trade" for 5,000 divisions, Class III use,...

    $1,350.89 - $1,938.46
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  • Floor Scale End Ramp Floor Scale end Ramp With Scale (not included)

    Mild Steel Floor Scale End Ramp

    Used with a floor scale, these ramps make it easy to weigh product on pallet jacks. Made of mild steel, these ramps will endure years of abuse. Ramps are priced individually. Features: Capacity: 5,000 to 10,000 lb. Size: 4' x 4' Height of...

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